Edna’s mission is to disrupt the current professional landscape for rising Black and Brown leaders through data insights and analytics that can transform how companies operationalize their DEI commitments,


Problems We See

Gen Z, most diverse generation ever @ 52% identifying as “other than white”. Gen Z diverse student athletes are the greatest grass roots influencers of all time (Belzer quote) with 70% competing in the NCAA revenue generation sports generating 11.2 B$ in revenue


The Future

GenZ diverse will generate 15.7 Trillion for Global GDP and will outpace the millennial in 7 year. We will use edna to curate a machine learning model allowing our GENZs to build a trusted network of mentors and advisors in a safe, secure space


How We Get There

We project + 200% YOY growth in data captured through our SAAS model with our initial lift across the 200+ thousand diverse revenue generating student athletes within the NCAA landscape (ARISE). We will create a unique experience for our GENZ community

edna will leverage listening algorithms to deliver strength, passion and culture fit content on demand.
edna will Leverage an accountability/insights layer for orgs seeking to attract, engage and promote our rising GENZ professionals.
She will address the ongoing need for holistic support with AI leading indicators for GENZ focused on mental health and financial wealth.
She will provide findings in a near time dashboard quantifying the impact of DEI across our GENZ community